Tacti-grips are dry to the touch in 40 minutes, can be handled in 2 hours and are ready for use overnight. Although Tacti-grips will gain most of their final hardness, elasticity andchemical resistance over a 3-4 week period, and Tacti-grips characteristics will continue to be enhanced over the lifetime of the weapon..

Tacti-grips have a natural flex additive which greatly reduce any chance of chipping or deformation due high use. This natural flex also reduces chance of scratching or marring from dropping or other miss-use.

Tacti-grips get better with age: they break in, and do not wear out…

Tacti-grips are well suited for wet environments (including salt water) as they exponentially increase ability to maintain secure hold on firearm.

Tacti-grips can withstand temperatures as high has 400-500 degrees F. (Higher than any other applied grip texture on the market)

Tacti-grips are semi permanent, but can be removed!

If you have an AR, M16, M4, Hk, Sig or any tactical rifle, do yourself a favor and get Tacti-grips for your weapon! You will certainly enjoy increased control, regardless of rate of fire…