Atlanta Grips was established in 2005 after shooting 5 major matches in the rain.  Anyone who has shot a polymer pistol most likely loves it for the reliability, but hates it for the grip.  Up to that point we had tried many types of “fixes” from regular skateboard tape and pre cut marketed versions,  to slip on sleeves and even talc/anti-perspirant to keep hands drier and avoid struggling to maintain control.

Avid Glock and Sig shooters got together and discussed our options:  grip stippling forces a division change in IDPA, from SSP to ESP, so we had to come up wuth something that would enhance the grip, but stay legal for IDPA SSP competition!

In the end we pooled our resources and industry backgrounds to produce the first trial coating in the fall of 2005- The original G22 trial is still being shot, and the Tacti-grip is still in tip-top condition!

Over 100 grips later and tens of thousands of rounds, we have the best research possible- actual data from heavy field use/abuse.

These same firearms have withstood the tests and trials (not to mention the cleanings) of die-hard sport shooters without a doubt.